Christine E. Agaibi, M.A., Practice Representative

Highest Degree Attained: MA (Ph.D. Candidate)

Work/School Affiliation: The University of Akron – Akron, Ohio

Email Address: cagaibi1[at]

Top Five Strengths: Curiosity and Interest in the World, Spiritual sense of purpose and faith, Gratitude, Love of Learning, Appreciation of beauty and excellence. If I could add a 6th one I would say Empathy…one of my favorite quotes is: “Kindness and empathy are not signs of weakness but manifestations of strength and resolution.”

Goals for your work as a Section Officer/Representative for the next two years: To familiarize the Section on up and coming and cutting edge practices or professional activities related to Positive Psychology.  I am particularly interested in how religion and spirituality can play a role in Positive Psychology so I would particularly examine this area of Positive Psychology.  Also I hope to gather information on another interest, resilience and the research surrounding this area of Positive Psychology and especially in how resilience can be examined and applied in practice.