Richa Khanna, M.A., Teaching Representative

Richa Khanna


Position within the Section: Teaching Representative

Work/School Affiliation: University of Missouri-Kansas City

Highest Degree Attained: M.A.


Top Five Strengths (VIA): Honesty, Judgment, Prudence, Humor, Love

Your Areas of Interest related to Positive Psychology: Flow, spirituality, subjective well-being, well-being therapy, post-traumatic growth, Good Lives Model of offender rehabilitation.

Your goals for your work as a Section Officer/Representative for the next two years:

Promoting or identifying resources for research that applies principles of positive psychology specifically to the field of counseling psychology; collaborate with divisions of APA that share concepts with several themes in positive psychology or have potential to be benefited through concepts of positive psychology; assist with the promotion of the section through recruitment of students and early career professionals.