Positive Psychology in Practice

Welcome! In this section we hope to highlight issues pertaining to positive psychology in practice. Specifically, links to strengths-based interventions, research and writing about positive psychology in practice, and other issues of interest to psychologists. Please contact Dr. Sara Cho Kim (sarachokim[at] if you have suggestions for additional topics of interest, or if you would like to post information about your work.

Strengths-Based Programs:

Depression Prevention in Children and Adolescents: Penn Optimism Program (POP) and Penn Enhancement Program (PEP) Resilience Teaching Materials and Training: Project Resilience

Positive Psychology Books:

Linley, P.A., & Joseph, S. (2004) Positive Psychology in Practice. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

Positive Psychology Articles:

Wong, Y. J. (2006). Strength-centered therapy: A social constructionist, virtues-based psychotherapy. Psychotherapy, 43, 133-146.

Abstract: This article describes Strength-Centered Therapy, a new therapeutic model based on the positive psychology of character strengths and virtues as well as social constructionist perspectives on psychotherapy. The contributions of the positive psychology of character strengths and social constructionist conceptualizations of psychotherapy are examined. In addition, the theoretical assumptions, applications, and limitations of Strength-Centered Therapy are discussed. It is argued that Strength-Centered Therapy might contribute to the revival of character strengths and virtues in psychotherapy.

Positive Psychology Practice Tips:

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